SAVE  $1000’s off Supplied and Installed Heat Pump or Solar water heaters.  *Available from 1st of  September 2022*

Replace your existing Electric or Gas water heater with a new approved Heat Pump or Solar water heater and claim $1000’s from both the NSW & Federal Government rebate schemes. 

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme is an incentive for replacing electric or gas hot water systems with  (HEERs approved ) heat pumps or solar water heaters at Residential and Small Business sites in NSW. This new scheme is based around each products energy saving percentage that creates the certificate amounts. ACP’S ( Accredited certificate providers ) can only create ESC’s ( Energy Saving Certificates ). 

The Federal Government Scheme STC ( Small -scale technology certificates ) that has been available since 2017 is a government incentive that are points accredited to approved Solar or Heat Pump water heaters based on the clean energy regulators assessment of efficiency and can be redeemed by a dollar value at point of sale when signed over to a approved Renewable Energy Certificate Trader once the product is installed .Or the owner of the water heater can choose to trade these STC’s themselves. The STC value amount can fluctuate based on the demand of STC’s being traded at any given time.

Call our service centres to register your interest and find out more about the Heat pump & Solar water heating brands we sell and recommend.

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