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A range of Vulcan hot water systems are available through your local, authorised agents.Vulcan Hot Water Systems offer high quality and performance at a very affordable price, three very good reasons why Vulcan is such a popular choice for reliable water heating.
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We supply a large range of Vulcan Hot Water Heaters. Vulcan has become a household name in Australia over the years continuing to provide quality products such as their Hot Water range.

Vulcan offers a range of gas and electric hot water heaters. Each Vulcan hot water system is designed and constructed with specific uses in mind. The right Vulcan water heater for you will depend on the size of your family, your water consumption needs, and whether or not you are connected to the gas or electrical supply networks.

There are two types of Vulcan gas hot water systems: a 135L tank and a 170L tank. Both of these products have the same specifications for energy consumption and supply pressure. Both systems also come with a 4-star energy rating, as well as a 7 year warranty. When you are deciding between a vulcan gas or electric system, consider whether you have an available gas supply. Hot water systems powered by gas are usually cheaper to run than electric systems, and so can save you money over time.

Vulcan hot water also produces six different electric systems. These systems range from 50L to 400L in water delivery capacity. Most of these models also come with a 10 year warranty, which will allow you to purchase with confidence. One of the specialties of the Vulcan range is the 160L electric model, which comes with a 40% boost in supply pressure.

Each Vulcan model is suited to different situations and it is a good idea to get expert advice about which model is right for you and your family. Australian Hot Water can give you all the information you need to make sure you have the right Vulcan hot water heater. Our expert technicians are also fully qualified to install, maintain, and repair all Vulcan hot water systems. Get in contact with us or visit one of our showrooms.

High quality and performance at a very affordable price. Three very good reasons why Vulcan is such a popular choice for reliable water heating.

Vulcan is built with the best: Quality materials and proven technology combine to make Vulcan a great choice for reliable water heating.

Vulcan is tough: The Vulcan storage cylinder is made from high strength steel able to withstand varying water and heating cycle pressures.

Vulcan is adaptable: The balanced flue and durable steel jackets make Vulcan gas models easy to install and easy to live with. They can be installed on an approved base against the wall or recessed into a wall cavity.

Vulcan's inside story is just as strong: A ceramic lining is bonded on the inside of the cylinder providing protection against varying water conditions.

Vulcan has backup: If you need a spare part for your Vulcan, it’s good to know they are readily available across the country and can be serviced by most plumbers or electricians. The Vulcan Warranty covers the cylinder for a full 5 years. (A new water heater will be supplied in accordance with the terms of the warranty if the cylinder fails within 5 years). Every Vulcan Water heater also comes with a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

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Vulcan Gas Electric Brochure [PDF]
Vulcan Freeloader 4 Star Gas [PDF]


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For more information on Vulcan hot water systems, visit the Vulcan website or contact the Australian Hot Water team.