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Rinnai offer a range of gas, electric and solar water heaters. There is a Rinnai hot water system to suit any household’s needs.

Infinity Continuous Flow Hot Water

Continuous supply of hot water
Installation flexibility due to the compact design
Leading edge productivity
PuretempTM temperature stability technology

Builders Continuous Flow Hot Water

Highly energy efficiency - superior 6+ star
Reduced running costs and greenhouse gas emissions
Quality Japanese design and manufactured
High quality componentry
Sleek and compact design
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Solar Hot Water Systems

Reduce your carbon footprint
Heat your water and save money
Government incentives

Electric & Gas Hot Water Storage Tanks

Easy replacement
Gas or Electric options
Extensive range
Good for families

Projects and Commercial

Easy to install and maintain
Manufactured to the highest quality
A range of solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Why Choose a Rinnai Hot Water System?

Rinnai water heaters offer:

  • High efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Guaranteed reliability

Rinnai’s products are created with advanced technology and are highly regarded due to their environment-friendliness, their convenience and comfort and most importantly their highly reliable quality.

Rinnai are best known for their Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System. Known as the Rinnai Infinity, it is available in a range of sizes and styles. The Infinity is a gas water heater that delivers continuous hot water by heating the water as it passes through the system. It does not store the water in a tank like a traditional system.

You can reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint with a Rinnai Solar Hot Water System. Rinnai offer a range of solar systems including close coupled, flat plate and evacuated tube systems. To ensure a continuous supply of hot water, even after a stretch of cloudy days, Rinnai offer a gas booster as an optional addition.

Rinnai also offer a range of more traditional hot water tanks including gas, electric and heat pump tanks. Gas storage tanks are available in 135L and 170L sizes. Electric storage tanks start at 25L through to a 400L model for large families.

Why Choose Australian Hot Water

Australian Hot Water are authorized Rinnai agents. That means our staff have been trained, tested and certified in the installation, service and repair of Rinnai hot water systems.

Australian Hot Water:

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  • Provide a 24 hour emergency hot water service
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