Wilson has been making hot water systems for more than 90 years. In that time, Wilson’s hot water heaters have been put to the test in both commercial and residential environments, giving the current range of products a deserved reputation for reliability and endurance.

With such a long history, Wilson has also been able to make a number of innovations within their product range. Wilson hot water systems range from traditional gas and electric storage units to instantaneous and solar units. At the forefront of Wilson’s design process is the goal of manufacturing the most energy-efficient systems that also hold up after years and years of use.

Wilson’s water heating range is also unique because it allows for many different installment configurations, such as ceiling-mounted and floor-mounted open-vented systems, as well as a versatile range of solar configurations. Whichever Wilson hot water heater is suited to you and your home, you can feel confident knowing it is backed by an extended warranty.

Australian Hot Water supplies, installs, maintains, and repairs all Wilson hot water products. If you are looking to install a WIlson hot water heater, then make sure you take advantage of our expert advice in finding the best system for your needs. Australian Hot Water also maintains a 24/7 call-out system for emergency repairs. With our expertise and WIlson’s quality of manufacturing, your water heater will keep serving your family for years to come.

Wilson A5 Series Instantaneous Electric Water Heater

The Wilson A5 Series is a continuous flow instantaneous electric hot water heater. The A5 is energy efficient as it will only heat water as required. The heater has no storage and will continually heat as water passes over the heating elements.

Wilson A5

The A5 does not require a safe tray or water saving devices. The Wilson A5 can be installed virtually anywhere and is suitable for areas that have space restraints. The A5 is available in three models; 18, 20 and 23 amp to cater for most installations and is fully serviceable. This unit will deliver sufficient hot water for factory amenities, small domestic dwellings and shops.

• energy efficient – summer/winter mode
• standard replacement
• serviceable parts – replaceable element
• 2 year domestic and commercial warranty*
• watermark approved
• australian made

Wilson Customised Hot Water commenced operations in Melbourne in 1930 producing low pressure water heaters. Wilson products are manufactured from either copper or stainless steel, consequently offering a product that is unmatched in quality. With support of engineers and qualified trade persons, Wilson can be counted upon to provide a solution for almost any application. Wilson Customised Hot Water is constantly looking to develop new products and in 2006 Wilson purchased the hot water brand Hocking.

More information on Wilson hot water systems

For more information on the Wilson A5 electric and gas hot water systems, visit the Wilson Hot Water website, or contact us today.

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