Package online pricing –

All package offerings selected by the customer are subject to these terms and conditions. Selected package offerings are based on Australian Hot Water bulk product purchases and standard installations that are currently only available in Sydney & Newcastle areas. Products can vary in these packages subject to availability of stock or manufacturer change in production. Pricing of all package offerings can at times reflect specials or run out models that Australian Hot Water reserves the right to change when commercially required. If a displayed package is not available for whatever reason the attending Australian Hot Water service centre will communicate with the package purchaser and design a similar or suitable solution as an offering. Customised packages can be tailor-made on request. Change of energy source or relocation of hot water system position including product sizes that are not “Like for Like” identical can also be discussed and designed to suit the individual household. All package offerings are only for domestic installation and not for the use in commercial applications. Other Promotions displayed on this website cannot be used in conjunction with any online package offerings.

The term (Book Now) relates to a deposit amount of $55.00inc towards the cost of completed product and services installed price, for the sole purpose for Australian Hot Water service centres scheduling to book and allocate installation package for the desired booking date and time requested. The displayed product installed price is a base cost with no extras or degree of difficulty, like for like energy type and replacement same size water heater that can be subject to variation due to extras required to comply with plumbing or electrical regulations.

All online package pricing is for COD only (cash on delivery) and is not available to account customers such as Strata/Real Estate or  Government entities. Contact your local  Australian Hot Water service centre for specified pricing & terms for these related product and services. All package offerings or products and services are in AUD (Australian Dollar) and inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax).


All installations are subject to site inspection and are guided by information given by the homeowner when package booked and/or communicated verbally. Australian Hot Water will provide a standard replacement installed product in same position, like for like with No additional valves, utilizing the original connection of plumbing & electrical works to existing pipes or cable at the position. Standard valves fitted if required, tempering valve 15mm ($185.00inc), non-return isolation valve 15mm ($110.00inc),pressure limit valve 15mm ($125.00inc). Power board or cable upgrades, gas regulators & piping upgrades to comply with plumbing & electrical standards can be required. Concrete slabs, leveling material, additional labour for lifting in to position or carpentry alterations if required will be priced on application and advised. These additional items/extras or labour will be priced and agreed on prior to commencement of works. Package pricing includes standard removal and disposal of old water heater from site. Non-standard removal that requires crane lift, fence removal, building alterations, product cartage by marine vessel, multiple labour required for lifting or hazardous dust related product waste will be advised and priced prior to commencement of works.

Package categories- 

Package categories that fall under the terms, Gold, Silver, Bronze, are for sole purpose as offerings to differentiate between either product size, brand, type, price or warranty. Package supply and installation prices and content could differ from time to time at the discretion of Australian Hot Water due to certain brand, product, price or warranty selection deemed by Australian Hot Water that would be suitable or comparable for any package offering.

Payments online- 

Accepted methods of deposit/booking payment amount ($55.00) are credit card only (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). All other completed installation balances or service call payments are to be processed and facilitated by the installing and servicing Australian Hot Water service centre. ( fees may apply )

Cancellation of purchase

The purchaser must notify the installing Australian Hot Water service centre direct within 24 HOURS of placing a booking to activate the refund of booking deposit sum of $55.00. All other claims of product or final installed pricing changes/refunds/adjustments if applicable, will be handled by the individual installing Australian Hot Water service centre that has processed the completed sale of product and services.

Refunds online booking  deposit –

Refunds of the online booking deposit sum of $55.00 will be processed within 5 working days subject to electronic transfer.

Products and service repair payments –

All payments pending to completed installed products (including non – package offerings) service repairs or parts supplied will be the responsibility of the customer to settle outstanding amounts with the Australian Hot Water service centre that has provided these products or services.

Trade Sale & Delivery –

Sale of product only, without installation, that has the term free delivery will be within 25 kilometre radius from the delivering Australian Hot Water sales service centre. The owner/purchaser or representative of such, will be required on site at delivery address to receive and inspect condition of product purchase. Balance of product payment will be required either prior to delivery or presented COD to the delivering Australian Hot Water representative. Deliveries outside 25 kilometres are at the discretion of Australian Hot Water service centre and could attract additional charges.

Normal Business Hours-Installations & service calls
  • 8:00 am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday
  • 8:00am to 11:30 am Saturday

All other times outside normal business hours including Sunday & Public holidays are deemed after hours (additional rates apply). The allocated Australian Hot Water service centre will advise After Hours rates before any installation or service call can be booked or undertaken. Phone calls are answered 24 hours 7 days a week. All warranty replacement or repairs are carried out in normal business hours unless the Australian Hot Water service centre has made prior arrangements with product manufacturer and Australian Hot Water customers.


Product description-

Information and illustration (photographic images) pertaining to the variety of product sizes and energy types or warranties throughout this website and its package offerings are for display purposes and will endeavour to be accurate to actual, changes can occur to any product by the manufacturer without notice.


Rebates if any, that are claimable by the property owner such as STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) will be individually administered by the Australian Hot Water service centre that sold or installed the claimable product to the purchaser. Third party companies that deal direct with Australian Government schemes such as CER (The Clean Energy Regulator) to create or purchase STCs will be facilitated by the Australian Hot Water service centre that sold the claimable product to the purchaser.


All reasonable effort has been made to ensure all products and pricing information details displayed on this website are current and up to date. Pricing or product information can change without notice and we ensure to make good the correct information at all times.

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