Why is my hot water system leaking?

The most common reason for a hot water system to start leaking could be due to old age resulting in the system needing of replacement. The storage cylinder could split or corrode or if the hot water system is an instantaneous style, then worn out components internally could fracture and crack.

Why does my hot water heater leak?

Mains pressure storage tanks generally start to leak out of the cylinder either at the bottom where a welded joint has corroded, or out of the top through the sacrificial anode area that may have split or opened up due to expansion.

Why does my instant hot water heater leak from the bottom?

Other types of water heating like instant Gas or Electric water heating systems can spring a leak through the internal components that have water running through them. In most cases a new component can be replaced or repaired and would normally fix this leak, how ever some parts for these style of water heaters can be costly and there could be good reason to apply this cost to supply & install a new water heating system.

Why does my water heater leak?

Generally old age or rusted internal cylinder. Some may also leak around the heating source that could be the emersed element or around the gas control. Some gas storage heaters also have a flue that incomplete combustion can escape into the air. There is a separate welded section like a funnel within the water storage part of the cylinder. This is another area of the tank that can be under pressure and crack or simply corrode as well.

Why does my water heater pressure relief valve leak?

The pressure relief valve is required to leak and allow expansion from the heated water from inside the storage cylinder. There is a certain amount daily that will leak depending on the size of water heater storage and the amount of water required to heat.
Some Pressure relief valves can be subject to higher water pressure or temperature resulting in excessive water loss. A recommendation to replace a pressure temperature relief valve in intervals of 5 years as per manufacture recommendation. Its is also a maintenance requirement to ease & open lever gently of the pressure relief valve in intervals of 6 months to clean out and dirt that may of developed under the seat of the valve.



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