Rheem gas storage hot water systems are extremely energy efficient and also built to last. A gas hot water system is generally cheaper to run than an electric system, so it can be a really worthwhile investment.

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Rheem 340 Litre Natural Gas Hot Water System

Rheem Stellar 330 Litre Natural Gas Hot Water System

Rheem Stellar 360 Litre Natural Gas Hot Water System

Rheem 170 Litre Natural Gas Hot Water System

Rheem 135 Litre Natural Gas External Hot Water System

Rheem gas hot water heaters range in size from 90L to 340L. The right-sized water heater will depend on the size of your family, as well as your water consumption habits. There are a number of other features that differ between each system, such as the maximum water heat, the insulation materials, and whether the unit is designed to be installed indoors or outdoors.

Rheem gas hot water systems have been built to very high specifications of energy efficiency. All Rheem gas heaters have at least 4-star energy efficiency ratings, but the majority have 5-star ratings. Investing in a hot water system with a high energy rating will allow you to make a significant saving on your energy bill, while also cutting down on your environmental impact.

If you are looking at a gas hot water system, you will need to ensure that you have a gas supply in your home. It may also be possible to install a gas supply in your home, depending on your location. As an authorised Rheem agent, Australian Hot Water is able to supply, install, maintain, and repair all Rheem gas storage hot water systems. So if you have any questions about which gas system is right for you, then just get in touch.

Rheem Stellar Gas Storage Water Heater (330/360)

A favourite among families Rheem Stellar® is a premium 5 Star energy efficient water heater, with fast replacement of any hot water as it’s used.

Rheem Stellar Gas 330 Stainless Steel

Enjoy up to 235L of mains pressure hot water recovery every hour and the purity and performance of a Stainless Steel cylinder.

Rheem Gas Storage – Small

Rheem Gas Storage 135L HR (347135) available through your local, authorised agents at Australian Hot Water

An easy and efficient gas hot water solution for small households or places with limited space and low demand for hot water.

Includes Rheem 4 Star and Rheem 3 Star models. (Note: 4 Star minimum required in most states).

Rheem Gas Storage – Medium

Great value gas hot water options with 4 or 5 Star energy efficiency for the medium to large size family.

Includes Rheem Stellar, Rheem 5 Star & Rheem 4 Star.

Rheem Gas Storage – Large

5 Star energy efficiency and plenty of hot water for even the largest family.

Includes Rheem Stellar & Rheem 5 Star

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