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Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel water heaters have been designed with performance, durability, high energy efficiency, and aesthetics firmly in mind. Plus they’re backed by a 12-year warranty on the cylinder.

Rheem Stellar are among the most efficient water heaters in their class. Stellar stainless steel electric models perform between 12% to 24% better than Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)2. This reduces tank heat loss and ultimately saves you money.

The stainless steel gas models are 5 Star efficient, whilst delivering full mains pressure and hot water faster than any continuous flow unit is able to do.

Rheem’s stainless steel water heaters don’t require a sacrificial anode for protection, which reduces long term maintenance and service costs. They’re also lighter compared to vitreous enamel (the electric models up to 40% lighter than comparable Rheemglas® electric water heater models), making them easier to handle, transport and install.

Rheem Stellar Electric

  • Superior energy efficiency: reduces running costs compared to conventional electric water heaters
  • Perform 12-24% better than Minimum Energy Performance Standards(MEPS)
  • Available in a range of sizes: 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L, 315L
  • Top mounted water outlet, providing the hottest water available in the tank to the tap


Rheem Gas Storage 340 stainless steel –

  • 5 Star energy efficiency, for reduced energy costs
  • Up to 340L first-hour hot water capacity (155L initial storage )
  • Model 8A0340SS
  • Superior recovery, for that extra hot water when it’s required
  • 185L of mains pressure hot water recovery every hour
  • Mains pressure to power many hot water demands at once, enough for the largest family
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