If you have cold water coming out of your hot tap outlets , but not hot water, it’s best to check your hot water tank and make sure that all the isolation valves gas or water are turned fully on. The isolation valves are usually on the side of  a storage tank where the pipes connect to the system either on the water intake & gas supply line . If the valves is turned off our not turned all the way on , all that you need to do is turn it back on to restore the hot water supply. If you have an electric hot water system, check that the switch on the fuse box marked ‘hot water system’ is switched on. For gas hot water systems, make sure your gas valve on the hot water system is on and if you have a LPG bottle check that they are not empty and if there are any visible faults within the gas line.

If the solutions above aren’t effective in restoring your hot water supply, contact Australian Hot Water for a service call out for all types of hot water system maintenance work.



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