Have You Been Called By ‘Australian Hot Water Upgrades’? We Want to Know!

Recently we have been made aware that some of our customers have been called by telemarketers using the business name ‘Australian Hot Water Upgrades’. We want to make it clearer than crystal that this is a scam and that the brand calling you has no affiliation with us.

If you have been contacted by scammers impersonating our business, please report it here so we can take appropriate action. We are sorry for any inconvenience you have suffered at the hands of these scamming telemarketers! Please use the form below.

Telemarketer Scam Report

We know that some of our customers have been approached on the telephone by a business impersonating our name. Please report an incident here if this happens to you.

I was contacted by scammers(Required)
Please tell us what happened when you were contacted by AHW impersonators.



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