Dux gas hot water heaters are some of the most energy and cost-efficient systems on the market. There is a range of Dux gas hot water products to suit individual needs and budgets.

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The most energy efficient gas products available are Dux’s continuous flow gas hot water systems – the Dux Condensing Continuous Flow system and the Dux Endurance Continuous Flow system. The Dux Condensing system has an energy rating of 6.7 stars, while the Endurance model has an energy rating of 5 stars. These systems save energy by heating water instantaneously, rather than keeping a large storage tank hot all the time.

The Dux Prodigy range is a series of hot water systems that use traditional storage tanks. Available are the Dux Prodigy 3, Dux Prodigy 4, and Dux Prodigy 5 gas hot water systems. These systems have 3-, 4-, and 5-star energy ratings respectively. The Prodigy 5 system comes with a 10-year tank warranty, and the other two models come with 7-year warranties.

One of the main factors you will need to consider in choosing a hot water system is how much space you have available for installment. Both the Dux Prodigy 4 and Dux Prodigy 5 models are outdoor water storage tanks. On the other hand, the Dux Prodigy 3 can be installed either indoors or outdoors.

Australian Hot Water is authorised to supply, install, maintain, and repair all Dux gas hot water systems. If you have any questions about which Dux hot water system is best for you, you should talk to one of our expert advisors. Once you have made a decision, our fully certified technicians will install it for you and keep it running through any necessary maintenance and repairs. Contact us now for more info.

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