Rheem Electric Water Heaters 191 Series Electric available through your local, authorised agents at Australian Hot WaterRheem electric hot water systems come backed with the same high standards of quality and reliability that you expect from the entire Rheem range. Rheem began manufacturing hot water heaters in Australia more than 90 years ago. So, the Rheem electric hot water range is supported by years of innovation and refinement. The quality of Rheem manufacturing is also backed up by extended warranties across all their tanks.

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Rheem 400 Litre Electric Hot Water System

Rheem 125 Litre Electric Hot Water System

Rheem 50 Litre Electric Hot Water System

Rheem Stellar 50 Litre Electric Stainless Steel Hot Water System

Rheem 250 Litre Electric Hot Water System

Rheem 80 Litre Electric Hot Water System

Unmatched Quality: Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

Explore the pinnacle of hot water technology with our range of Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems. Renowned for their reliability and efficiency, Rheem hot water heaters are designed to meet the highest standards of performance. Whether you’re in need of a Rheem hot water system for residential or commercial use, our selection caters to diverse needs. Benefit from the latest innovations in water heating technology with Rheem, ensuring a consistent and energy-efficient hot water supply. Australian Hot Water proudly presents a comprehensive range of Rheem water heaters, providing you with the assurance of durability and top-notch performance. Elevate your hot water experience with the trusted excellence of Rheem – a name synonymous with quality and innovation.

Each Rheem electric system is built to high specifications to ensure your home’s hot water needs are met without fail. Each system has also been manufactured with a specific purpose in mind. Rheem produces electric hot water tanks ranging from 25L all the way up to 400L, with many different sizes and specifications in between. This means that you can find just the right system for your specific needs. You can talk to an expert at Australian Hot Water to work out which system might be best suited for your home.

The Rheem electric hot water range starts with a portable 25L hot water heater that can simply be plugged in wherever it is needed. Rheem also has a line called the Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel series. Utilising stainless steel in the water heater’s construction makes the system lighter and also more energy efficient. These systems perform 12-24% better than Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). They also do not require a sacrificial anode, which means that they are cheaper to service and maintain.

There are some differences between electric hot water heaters and water heaters that use different power sources. Electric hot water systems are usually cheaper to buy and install than other types of hot water systems. But they are also usually a bit more expensive to run. However, you can reduce the cost of an electric hot water heater by taking advantage of off-peak energy tariffs, or by using an electric system that also uses solar or heat pump technology. These technologies can often provide most of the energy needs of the system through renewable energy. The electricity costs are therefore significantly reduced.

There is a wide range of Rheem electric hot water heaters, and it is best to get some expert advice about what is right for you and your family. Australian Hot Water is an authorised representative of Rheem, and so we can give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Best of all, our certified technicians also know everything there is to know about Rheem systems. So, you can rely on us to install and maintain your Rheem electric hot water heater.

As a safety net, Australian Hot Water also operates a 24/7 emergency call-out service. So if you ever need to get your hot water back and running immediately, you can rely on us for same-day service. With Rheem’s quality manufacturing and our technical expertise, you will continue to have energy-efficient hot water for years to come.

RheemPlus® Electric Water Heaters

RheemPlus® electric water heaters store water above 60°C yet deliver hot water to your tap at a maximum temperature of 50°C so you can be sure turning on the tap is safer for everyone in the family.

Warranty: 7 years

Rheem Optima® Electric Water Heaters

The Rheem Optima® range has been discontinued. We suggest Rheem Stellar or Rheemglas electric hot water systems as alternatives.

Warranty: 10 years

Rheemglas® Electric Water Heaters

Rheemglas® models are ideal for families on a budget.

The Rheemglas® 25, 50 & L 80L electric water heaters are perfect for tight spots where there’s limited demand for hot water such as one bedroom apartments, kitchens and canteens.

Warranty: 7 years

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