Beasley began making hot water systems in 1938 and developed a range of high quality products used by tens of thousands of families around Australia. Beasley has also had a long history of innovation, designing and manufacturing solar hot water systems since as far back as the 1970s. Since then, Beasley solar hot water systems have been recognised as industry leaders in energy efficiency, saving customers on their gas bills, as well as protecting the environment.

Towards the end of the 2000s, Beasley was purchased by Rinnai, another major hot water system manufacturer. Building on Beasley’s manufacturing expertise, Rinnai has adopted Beasley technology in producing their range of solar hot water systems. Rinnai’s solar hot water system range includes the Sunmaster series and the Prestige series, as well as a range of gas-boosted continuous flow systems.

Australian Hot Water is able to supply, install, maintain and repair all Rinnai solar systems. So, if you have any questions about the right system for you, then get in touch and talk with one of our experts.

Australian Hot Water is also fully certified to service and repair all existing Beasley solar hot water products. We have decades of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing the Beasley range. If you already have a Beasley solar hot water heater, you can arrange a service or repair using our 24/7 booking line. We also offer same-day emergency service.

Harness the Sun’s Power with Beasley Solar Hot Water Systems

Discover the pinnacle of eco-friendly and cost-effective water heating solutions with Beasley Solar Hot Water Systems at Australian Hot Water. Our Beasley range embodies cutting-edge technology in solar hot water systems, designed to maximise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact. Whether you’re considering a residential or commercial application, our Beasley systems offer reliable and sustainable performance. With a focus on harnessing the sun’s abundant energy, these solar hot water systems deliver an uninterrupted supply of hot water while reducing your carbon footprint. Choose Beasley for a smart investment in sustainability and experience the brilliance of solar-powered hot water systems with Australian Hot Water.

Split System Solar

With split systems only the solar collector panels sit on the roof and the storage tank is located at ground level.

*Now no longer available under the brand Beasley refer to Rinnai hot water systems.

The main benefit of this system is that the tank is installed remotely from the panels in the most convenient location – usually on the ‘blind side’ of the house. A small pump circulates the water from the tank through the panels to collect the heat energy from the sun. This pump is automatically regulated by a controller that monitors the temperature in both the tank and collector panels and optimises solar gain.


  • Easy installation on roofs.
  • Streamlined appearance – minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roof line.
  • Split systems do not require reinforcement on the roof structure, as the weight associated. with water storage is at ground level.
  • Collector panels and the tank do not need to be installed at the same time – ideal during. construction of new homes and major renovations.
  • Tall solar tank provides better heat stratification, improving efficiency.
  • Simpler service access (ground level)

Close Coupled Systems

With close coupled systems, the solar collector panels and the storage tank are both located on the roof.

The advantage of this system is the ability to free up space around the base of the house. In the close-coupled installation, the solar tank is mounted above the collectors on the roof, and the water heated in the panels rises by the natural thermosiphon principle through the collectors into the tank, and is recirculated through the panels until the water reaches the required temperature.

  • Technically very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance
  • No recirculating pumps and pipe runs – reducing heat losses and improving running efficiencies
  • No electricity required to operate pumps to recirculate the water through the panels
  • Eliminates the need for a storage tank at ground level – ideal for courtyard homes or small blocks
  • Wide range of Colorbond® colours available. Ask your Australian Hot Water consultant for selection
  • Gas booster can be recessed in a wall cavity saving precious space
  • Silver Prestige finish, ideal for coastal areas
  • Compact 180L tanks available, ideal for gas boost systems
  • Conventional 330L and High capacity 480L available for larger homes
Beasley SolarBeasley solar hot water systems are available through your local, authorised agents here at Australian Hot Water

Colorbond® is a registered trade mark of BlueScope Steel Limited

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