Zip Industries is one of the oldest Australian-owned manufacturers still producing hot water systems. Zip hot water heaters have been manufactured in Australia since 1947. Since that time, Zip hot water systems have been responsible for a number of innovations, including the world’s first ever boiling water tap.

Zip’s history of hot water innovation continues in their modern range of hot water heaters and accessories. The range includes a number of products for kitchens and bathrooms in both household and commercial settings. The range includes everything from dedicated instantaneous hot water systems, to fully integrated hot and cold faucet systems. Whatever Zip hot water system is appropriate for your needs, you can be sure that each system represents the cutting edge of energy efficiency, saving you money and eliminating your environmental footprint.

Australian Hot Water supplies, installs, maintains, and repairs all Zip hot water products. If you are considering buying a Zip hot water heater for either residential or commercial purposes, make sure to get in contact with one of our experts so you get the right product for your needs. You can also rest assured knowing that Australian Hot Water offers a 24/7 contact line for same-day repairs. Our expert technicians will be able to get your hot water back up and running straight away.

Innovative Convenience: Unveiling Zip Hot Water Systems

Explore the epitome of convenience and innovation with Zip Hot Water Systems at Australian Hot Water. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and sleek design, Zip hot water systems redefine the way we experience instant hot water. Whether it’s for your home or business, our Zip range offers unparalleled efficiency and performance. The Zip hot water systems prioritise energy-saving features, providing a seamless and on-demand supply of hot water at your fingertips. Elevate your daily routine with the sophistication of Zip technology, ensuring that your hot water needs are met effortlessly. Australian Hot Water is proud to present a comprehensive selection of Zip hot water systems, where modern design meets advanced functionality for a superior hot water experience.

Zip Instant Boiling Water Over Sink Systems

Zip manufactures the largest range of instant boiling water systems.

Zip Hydroboil systems are a perfect solution for the office environment. A choice of six capacities is available, designed to deliver from 18 to 240 cups of boiling water at one time.

Zip Autoboil systems are ideal for canteens or restaurants. A choice of seven capacities is available, designed to deliver from 9 to 240 cups of boiling water at one time.

Zip Econoboil systems are the a must for site sheds or temporary accommodation. They are available in three models and designed to deliver from18 to 45 cups of boiling water at one time.

Zip Boiling + Chilled Filtered Water

HydroTap is the ultimate in convenience. It dispenses filtered boiling and chilled water instantly, saves you time and money every day and is up to 40% more energy efficient than a kettle.

Make tea, coffee or any hot beverage in a flash. Pour a refreshing glass of chilled filtered water whenever you like. Whip up a pot of noodles for a snack in no time. Speed up cooking by having boiling water always on tap.

HydroTap makes kettles obsolete. It’s much safer too because it has a unique childproof safety lock that requires two-finger adult operation to prevent boiling water being dispensed inadvertently.

And you won’t have to worry about overturned kettles or clumsy cords that can clutter your kitchen. You can install it where it suits you – at your sink or, with the optional Tap Font, on the kitchen bench top.

HydroTap comes in two versions – The Commercial Model HydroTap designed to service offices of up to 20 and up to 50 people and HydroTap for the Home designed for the domestic kitchen.

*Based on independent tests conducted by Aston University UK.

Zip hot water systems are available through local, authorised agents.

Zip Chilled Filtered Water

Zip filtered drinking water is the convenient alternative to bottled water and comes at a fraction of the cost. Now you can have an endless supply of great-tasting, crystal-clear chilled filtered drinking water on tap whenever you want.

With an extensive range of under-sink, free standing, wall mounted and recessed systems to choose from there’s a Zip chilled water system to suit virtually any environment.

Zip Washroom Products

Zip manufactures and distributes an extensive range of touch-free eco-friendly products for commercial washrooms. These include water saving urinal flushing systems, soap dispensers, taps and hand dryers.The product range also includes thermostatic mixing valves and flush valves.

More information on Zip Water Systems

For more information on Zip hot water systems, visit the Zip Instant Boiling Water website, or contact us today.

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