Buy Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem is a global icon within the hot water system industry, continually producing products for almost 100 years. Australian Hot Water is proud to supply Rheem hot water systems and to provide expert certified technicians to install, service, and repair them. So, if you are wondering where to buy Rheem hot water systems, you have come to the right place.

Rheem hot water system prices vary based on the size and type of the heater you choose. We stock a range of Rheem hot water systems, from gas and electric tank systems to instantaneous hot water heaters, solar units, and heat pump systems. 

Our Rheem electric storage systems range in size from 50L to 400L, and our gas systems range from 135L to 360L. You can talk to an Australian Hot Water adviser to work out how much capacity you will need for your uses.

We also stock Rheem instantaneous systems with flow rates ranging from 16L to 27L to cover however many hot water outlets you have in your home.  

Rheem heat pump hot water systems like the AmbiHeat HDc 270 use advanced technology to use the warmth of the air surrounding the unit to heat your water. Since the majority of the energy used by a heat pump system is taken from the natural environment, it is a lot cheaper to run.

Likewise, solar units like the Rheem 300L Hiline hot water system are exceptionally energy efficient. When looking at Rheem hot water system prices, it’s a good idea to balance upfront costs with the long-term running costs.

Remember, when you buy a Rheem water heater online from Australian Hot Water, you are buying from a licensed stockist with the certified expertise to install, service, and repair your hot water system.