Rheem Solar 300 litre Hiline® Stainless Steel Roof Mount Price*



Rheem Hiline® 52L Series 300 Litre Stainless Steel roof mounted tank with close coupled solar collectors. This proven system directly heats water as it passes through the collectors and then rises back into the storage tank connected to solar collectors. This natural process is referred to as thermosyphon and still is the most prefered style of solar water heating. 

  • STCs REBATES available (Small-scale Technology Certificates) 30 points @ STC value = discount to be claimed* 
  • TRADE SALE & FREE DELIVERY *subject to site INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED (Installation can be quoted & arranged if required) 
  • Model: 52L300SS/2L- Storage tank length: 2180mm. Diameter: 563mm. 
  • Solar collectors combined width: 2198mm Height: 1937mm 
  • Warranty: 10 year cylinder & Collectors with 5 year parts & labour ( *warranty conditions apply )

Suitable for NON-FROST areas only, the cylinder comes in 4 colorbond colour options to blend in with your roof. The Stainless Steel inner storage tank acts as a natural barrier to corrosion and does not require a sacrificial anode.The 52L300 weighs 454kg when full of water making it one of the lightest 300 litre roof mounted systems available.

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Energy source

Solar Roof-Mounted, Solar

System size

300 Litre


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