Buy Aquamax Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX is a manufacturer of hot water systems known for its highly durable and energy-efficient units. They are able to ensure high manufacturing standards by keeping their production onshore, with all of their hot water heaters being made in their facility in Moorabbin, Victoria. Australian Hot Water supplies and installs a full range of AquaMAX products across their gas and electric lines. 

AquaMAX hot water system prices vary depending on the size of the unit you choose, as well as whether it is gas or electric. AquaMAX’s gas hot water heaters are slightly more expensive than their electric counterparts, but gas heaters are generally cheaper to run quarter to quarter. 

AquaMAX manufactures gas hot water heaters in 270L ,340L & 390L sizes, making them capable to fulfil the hot water demands of any household. AquaMAX’s electric hot water heaters range in size from 50L tanks for one or two people with 7 year cylinder warranty & 80L up to 400L with 10 year cylinder warranty made from proven vitreous enamel mild steel tanks to supply all types of households up to six or more depending on energy supply tariffs.

When you buy AquaMAX gas hot water systems, you are investing in a highly durable cylinder constructed from marine grade 316 stainless steel. These cylinders come with 12 year warranties, with energy efficient 5 star rated and can be heated at higher temperatures.  

Another great feature of AquaMAX’s tank cylinders is that they can be easily converted into solar hot water systems using an AquaMAX solar kit. Going solar can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency even more by drawing the majority of your energy supply from the renewable resource of solar heat.

To give you greater value, our AquaMAX prices include installation costs. When you buy AquaMAX hot water systems from Australian Hot Water, you can be sure you are buying from a certified stockist and that your installation will be undertaken by a team of expert technicians.