NOTE : The Edwards brand is now owned by Rheem Australia and some models are no longer available

We can repair Edwards solar hot water systems or replace with equivalent stainless steel systems.

Previous information about your existing Edwards products.

Edwards roof-mounted solar water heaters and storage systems are constructed from long life Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel acts as a natural barrier to corrosion. Therefore, Edwards stainless steel systems do not require a sacrificial anode and are virtually maintenance free.

By comparison competitor products constructed from mild steel cylinders with vitreous glass lining are prone to corrosion once the anode has been mostly consumed. Mild steel cylinders can also corrode from the outside as well as from the inside.

Contemporary Range of Colours

The outer casing of Edwards solar storage tanks is constructed from highly durable, weatherproof COLORBOND® steel. Edwards offer a choice of seven (7) modern COLORBOND® steel colours with their roof mounted range. This colour choice allows you to choose a system that will complement your roof and blend with your homes aesthetics. All this at no additional cost!

Save on Energy Costs with an Edwards Solar Hot Water Heater

An Edwards solar stainless steel solar water system is a good environmental and financial investment. It can significantly reduce fossil fuel energy use and consequent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

A fact recognised by some State Governments across Australia who have banned the use of electric hot water systems in new homes. Not only are you helping the environment by installing an Edwards stainless steel solar water system, you will also save heaps on your household energy costs.

For those days during the year when your solar system doesn’t receive sufficient energy from the sun to provide all the hot water you need, Edwards gives you the option to have either in tank electric or gas boosting unit.

Which System Suits You

Which system you choose will depend on where you live, which way your home faces and even the pitch of your roof. So it’s important to talk to your local Australian Hot Water service centre to find the right alternative brand of Solar Hot water system for you.

Edwards Solar

Edwards Spare Parts

For a full range of available spare parts or service and warranty, please call your nearest  Australian Hot Water service centre.

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