Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Are you looking for an energy efficient way to heat water?

Heat pumps can help you to both save money and the environment by drawing the sun’s heat from the air, ground and water. Contact Australian Hot Water to see if a heat pump water heater is a suitable choice for your property.

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Rheem Heat Pump mpi_325 Series IIHeat pump water heaters can either be purchased as integrated units with build-in water storage tanks, or as an add-on that can be retrofitted to an existing water heater tank. Australian Hot Water is able to help you determine if a heat pump water system is a suitable and cost-effective option for your property.

It is worth noting that the initial investment from installing a heat pump water system is recouped more quickly in larger households. Government rebates to assist with the purchase cost may also be available for some households.

How do heat pump water heaters work?

Heat pump water heaters using electricity to move heat from one place to another, rather than generating heat directly. To heat water, a heat pump works like a refrigerator in reverse. The evaporator absorbs whatever heat energy is available from the air and vaporises the refrigerant. This vapour is then compressed raising its pressure and temperature. The now hot vapour passes through pipes permanently bonded to the outside of the water tank, and as the refrigerant vapour condenses back to a liquid, the heat is transferred to the stored water.

Compared to a conventional electric water heater, a heat pump is more energy efficient and draws less power. Some units can also provide air conditioning or residential ventilation.

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