Buy Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Australian Hot Water supplies a range of hot water systems from Rinnai, a global leader in hot water heater technology. When you buy Rinnai online from us, our expert technicians will install the system in your home, and they can also fulfil all of your servicing and repair requirements.

We stock a wide range of Rinnai hot water systems, from traditional gas and electric storage units to instantaneous heaters, heat pump units, and solar hot water systems.

Rinnai’s gas and electric storage tank systems range in size from 25L up to 400L. You can get in touch with Australian Hot Water if you are unsure about how much storage capacity you will need.

The Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow hot water heaters are industry leaders for energy efficiency, with flow capacities ranging from 16L to 26L.

We also stock the Rinnai 330L Solar Prestige hot water system. This hot water heater uses natural thermal energy to drastically reduce your energy bill and even make you eligible for valuable government rebates. Similarly, the Rinnai Enviroflow heat pump system absorbs energy from the environment to make heating your water much more energy-efficient. 

When looking at Rinnai hot water system costs, it’s good to remember that there is always a balance between short-term and long-term costs. Hot water systems that run on solar or heat pump technology are the cheapest to run, while instantaneous heaters and higher-end storage units will also be more energy-efficient. 

Our Rinnai hot water system prices also include the cost of installation. So, when you buy a Rinnai hot water system from Australian Hot Water, you are getting quality technology and manufacturing, as well as expert technical support and advice. We can also keep your hot water system running smoothly for years to come.